Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wednesday Already?

Sunny Day Butterfly
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two hams

New work made and more coming when I have the chance to make it. After getting hooked on the washi I was given yesterday I went and ordered a bunch of samples. Over 20 designs coming my way to play with! I'm also playing around with gold leaf. So far it isn't working with my typical japanese paper because of the adhesive but I have some Rives that I can try it with.

I'm very busy. I need to contact the woman who cleans our house and give her T directions here so this time she might actually show up. She has already been a no show twice but I am giving her one last chance because I don't have time to find a replacement. She has a 50% attendance rate, not good. Getting caught in traffic, giving up and going home and not calling until an hour and a half after you were supposed to show up is not cool.

But hey she saved us some money! And the house got Trashed two days later during Thanksgiving anyhow. She can deal with that aftermath now instead of us.

The weather is beautiful in Boston. Yesterday afternoon I put on my coat, put on the fleece sling, put on my blee and went out walking with her and the dog. She was comfy but I learned winter coat + fleece strap around body + warm baby = hot momma! I was sweating by the time I got home and if we still had an air conditioner installed I would have stood in front of it for a few minutes.

I meant to post this hours ago, but I got a call and had to rush to the midwife for my checkup two days early. Well, I didn't have to as I was doing them a favor because they are over booked on Friday but I am nice (and it is supposed to be cold and possibly snow on Friday). Today on the other hand was beautiful, just like yesterday.

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