Thursday, November 22, 2007

We're hiding

hiding out
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He is hiding from the three dogs that lurk outside this room and I am hiding from everything else. I moved his litter box, food and water in here so he can just stay in here all day. He loves this room anyhow. He will happily sleep on my glider chair for hours.

I am really feeling the stress. I am going to try and take these moments to finish up a carving.

Happy Thanksgiving!


ainesse said...

Hi Marissa
I have just clicked onto you here from the Baran newsletter or whatever it is called.
Don"t you two look like a couple of mischievous rascals !!! Hiding indeed - well I don't blame yee!!

I admire that you are doing your upmost to keep going with your printmaking and posting to your blog and must have a lot of energy and that husband must be a good sort .

Your cat looks a bit like one of mine. I am just framing up my handmade spiders web prints. Should have that completed by the end of today. I have been neglecting my blog.

take care and keep up the good work

Cathy said...

lol sometimes it's good to hide :)

m.Lee said...

My husband is the best!

Things are a bit crazy right now, I am feeling ill and the baby has been fussy and Jon is having some drama of his own outside of here that is keeping him very busy.

I don't have much time and have a backlog of things to do.

which reminds me that I should go!

natasha said...

this might sound really really strange but i think we look strangely similar! your work is lovely, too.