Wednesday, November 21, 2007


The house I grew up in
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This is the house I grew up in just outside of Chicago from before I actually lived in it. Before I was born most likely. The paint is the wrong color, the bushes are too small and the walnut tree in front doesn't look to be quite the perfectly climbable size I remember it to be. But it is after the addition which I can see peeking out in the back.

The deck my father built

And this is the deck my father built in the back yard filled with flowers. He added that when I was around ten and it was beautiful. Further in the back yard was a vegetable garden with things like corn, green beans and strawberries. And behind the garage grew a huge raspberry bush, I would come back with a huge bowl filled with berries every few days during the summer. And of course the sugar snap peas those are probably my fondest memory. So fresh that you do not want to cook them just shell them and shove them in your mouth as quickly as possible. Heck, eat the shell if you want. I would sit with my dad and we would shell them into a big bowl together and then fight over them. I was smaller so I should get less he would insist, I disagreed.

We moved away the summer before I entered Junior High, when everything was really going to hell. The new house was never home like this one I was just passing through it without getting attached. I remember for a couple of years after the move if we were remotely in the area I would beg my dad to swing by so I could see the house.

I'd really like to see it again someday. And I would love to own a cape cod style house of my own too. With a bigger kitchen please. And no garden, sorry but I would just end up killing it with my black thumb.

Hope all my readers in the United States that celebrate have a wonderful thanksgiving tomorrow. My inlaws are in town just like last year, except this year there is a special attraction! Last Thanksgiving I was pregnant with her but I wouldn't know that for nearly seven weeks.


Cathy said...

i have fond memories of my childhood home as well...

Happy Thanksgiving :)

intothefire said...

It is nice, when things were not always idyllic, to be able to remember the really happy times. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh it is sooo lovely! Happy Thanksgiving!!!! *HUGS*

mincingmockingbird said...

Where at outside of Chicago? I grew up outside of Chi-town.

m.Lee said...

Originally Des Plains, then Palatine.

The Mincing Mockingbird said...

Ah. I was out in the sticks. Out beyond Aurora.