Saturday, November 10, 2007

Not So Lazy Weekend

rearranged print corner
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First thing this morning I did what I had been thinking about the night before and rearranged my print corner so that the drawers faced out in a better direction. They had been facing toward the press and the top ones would bump up against the paper rack and not open all the way.

But it could be more productive. Like right now instead of being at the computer blogging I could be finishing up cleaning my studio so I can do two things.

a) print, including using my new block which I need to tear paper for, I have none that size.

b) cart the Pack n' Play back into the corner of the studio for some blee watching during work time. That corner I had set up for her prior to the birth didn't last two days post getting her home. The first night we co-slept with her in her co-sleeper in our queen size bed. The second night we said screw this thing is two wide and dragged the pack n play into the bedroom at 2am so she could sleep next to us in the bassinet part and we could actually have some room in the bed. It has been there ever since. Currently she either sleeps in the crib in her nursery (yay) or in the bouncy chair on the floor next to us (bad), but never in the bassinet anymore. It is just getting stuff piled in it instead of being used.

Flowing Patterned Hair

The blee corner

Ok, time to do some sweeping since there are woodchips everywhere. Once she is crawling I am going to have to be very careful about letting her loose in this room. As in not doing it.

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