Friday, November 09, 2007

Friday Feature

Yes! I am an artist!
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First things first.

Matt from mincing mockingbird is awesome and makes magnets so tempting that I had to buy a six pack of them because I just couldn't settle on one or two. And I make my own magnets so this is quite a feat. It is hard to pick a favorite, but the one pictured here certainly makes me giggle in an inside arty joke kind of way.

I could totally picture this shop as an Etsy featured seller shop. Great unique products, photos and hilarious listings combined with perfect feedback.

And I do smell nice!


So much is going on all the time that there is no way that I can record it all, even if I had more time for blogging. My moods vary tremendously lately from tons of positive productive energy to a pretty deep sadness. I have so much weighing on my mind and pulling me all over all the time. It is too early to say what today will be.

And I miss my little sister something fierce. I hope when she is older her parents will let her come out to stay with us by herself. We would have so much fun and I know that blee would enjoy an extended period of quality time with her auntie Sara.

all snug and ready for a night out

This is what a two month old 14lb 4oz baby in the 99th percentile for her weight looks like all bundled up ready to brave the outside. I am very happy for the hoodie since hats never fit her right and make her cry and scream when I try getting them on her huge head (which for the record grew yet another inch).

I have a carving to work on, the one pictured here actually. And tonight I may pick up some linoleum at Dick Blick because I am feeling daring. I need to root around here and see if I can find the western style printmaking paper I know I should have, or if I need to buy some of that too.


fernfiddlehead said...

mLee -- she looks great!! I love those cheeks and that smile.

m.Lee said...


I think we are done with that thing that goes around her head. I remember when she was new how her head would flop to one side and we would have to roll up a blanket to keep it from sagging. Those days are over!

The Mincing Mockingbird said...

This was a fantastic post...oh, I'm talked about in it too? Well fancy that. Then this is an AWESOME post.

I've got to get me one of those magnetic strips...