Monday, November 12, 2007

I'm Famous!

Boston Globe Feature
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On Friday Jon picked up a copy of the Boston Globe and lo and behold there I am featured in an article about Etsy sellers. The photo of the entire spread was ganked from Sweetestpea who had her fabulous stuffed animals featured right above me. The photoshoot was way back in August when I was at the end of my pregnancy, or so I thought. As a result the photographer kind of tiptoed around me not wanting me to do much apologizing every time he asked me to move. I guess I was looking pretty uncomfortable just a few days short of my duedate. He should have seen me a week after my duedate to see me uncomfortable!

Boston Globe

The article was supposed to come out before the end of the summer but nothing happened and there was no word. I had assumed that the whole thing had either fallen through or they had done it without me because none of my pictures turned out or I was too nervous during the interview and made no sense. Pregnancy had me kind of spacey.

Then on Friday I get a message through Etsy from somebody that lives in NY congratulating me on my Boston Globe feature. How did she know before me? Why would somebody in New York read the Globe? So I had Jon run out and pick me up a copy.

Still, tres cool!


Beth Robinson said...

Etsy announced the article, with congratulations, in the Storque as well, so maybe that's how she found out?

Caroline said...

That's awesome! Congratulations!!

stilettoheights said...

it's fabulous beyond belief!!!! Congrats! I hope it brings you a ton of business!

Kellybot said...

Fabulous - congrats! And thanks for the offer of shrink plastic. I'll pass because I've only been using the kind you can print on. Thanks, hon!

Jus said...


Angela said...

Congrats! I saw the online version only so I didn't catch your cute photo before.