Monday, November 12, 2007

I need a haircut

I love my girl
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Desperate haircut time.

This longhair with a baby just isn't working out. I'm shedding like crazy and having to pull it back in a ponytail or pigtails all the time isn't helping as hairs get tangled in the tangle free bands. blee also is fond of pulling on it. It is just too difficult. I miss how my hair was when I was pregnant. Now it just feels ratty.

I need help since I have very little idea what I am going for other than something that isn't too short, is easy to maintain and take care of and I can keep out of my face (with clips if needed) while I work since I tend to lean over a lot.

The woman I used to go for left so I am seeing somebody totally new. I haven't had a cut in over a year.

Please help me with ideas. Post links to photos of cuts if you can as well as any suggestions. No bangs unless they are the longer pseudo bangs.

I'm going in at 11am tomorrow.


I always liked this cut, but I was younger then and don't know if I could pull it off now. I feel ugly. The last time I went to chop off my hair the stylist didn't even know it was me until I told her. Ouch!


Anonymous said...

That's such a cute picture! Your not UGLY! NOT AT ALLL!!!!!!!I know that feeling though...I feel like that often.
I can imagine the hair pulling...ekkkkkk!OUCH! OUCH and again I'll say...OUCH!
I'm sorry if I have not been around as often as usual. My computer has been giving me problems.
I like the second photo that you posted as well. I think that haircut will do well on you.I am not a hairstylist though so purhaps they would know best. :)
I can't wait to see the new haircut!!! *HUGS*

stilettoheights said...

Marissa, that is such a great cut, I would do that again, it is really flattering on you and frames your face so nice.

Ellen Shipley said...


That's a sweet doo. Do dat! 8-]

clarelittle said...

motherhood make you more beautiful, it is a FACT. The cut looks good on you, go back to it !