Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Of paper, dentists and bottle feeding perks

damage good!
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See this beautiful paper? Ten sheets of one of my favorite papers of the bunch is damaged. This is a very good thing because Dick Blick has awesome customer service and they are replacing the sheets with no charge to me. Note that I said damaged, not ruined. And really they are only slightly damaged, I can easily avoid the area and tear smaller sheets. This paper is not cheap. Between the thirty I got off the order and this I probably saved over fifty dollars off! I am going to have sooooo much paper. There is a place in Boston that sells nice paper, but with the baby getting there is such a pain so I will be ordering online from now on.

Now for something completely different. Even though I had an appointment with the dentist this morning (ew) things are going pretty well. And honestly after going through pregnancy and childbirth without drugs I am not scared of much involving pain anymore. My fear of needles and dentists is pretty much gone. Not that I enjoy it but eh more annoying and uncomfortable than anything.

Plus, while I was away Jon was caring for blee and apparently she was a bit of a nightmare baby during that time. But now that I have her she has pretty much settled down and I can concentrate on work. I even tidied up the bedroom a bit and *gasp* made the bed!

My mood is much improved as well as I put things into perspective. Putting the soap in the milk did suck but she is obviously fine and we haven't had to use even an ounce of formula since. This is the longest we have gone totally without the supplement since she was three weeks old! It seems that I have (at least for now) finally caught up with her with my persistence and we have gotten into a rhythm together.

And bottle feeding has it's advantages. Jon is able to help out with the feedings, especially useful at night and me going out on my own is much more doable. In fact, on Monday I will be going to see Jens Lekman with a friend of mine while Jon is stuck at home caring for her. Score!

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Becca said...

Yay! I'm so glad you're not down on yourself so much. I was worried about you. :)

Have faith.