Wednesday, October 24, 2007

fitting it all in

mmmm smells like milk
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Butterfly in Autumn

Sun on Ginkgo Leaves

"Beauty Queen" WIP

Fitting it all in between cuddles. Like this one from yesterday evening.

No new work yet, but still plenty from last week. And I don't have new prints because I have been obsessively sketching and carving out new ideas. I actually have to restrain myself or I will keep starting new block after new block. Sometimes a new one even before I finish an earlier one.

But I will stop myself soon, and possibly print today or tomorrow. I am pretty determined to have new work to show off by Friday. That means made, scanned and uploaded.

Things are pretty good. I was hoping to check out a mother and baby Yoga class down Centre street today at noon, but that is looking unlikely at this point.

1) can't find my yoga pants
2) blee is being uncooperative this morning
3) it looks like it could rain (I walk)
4) I would rather do art stuff

Maybe next week. Of course that is what I kept telling myself with prenatal yoga and I never ended up going. But I was so sick and that kept me from doing a lot of things!


fernfiddlehead said...

She DOES look like Cicaca's little one. Very sweet pictures of the two of you. I love the look of that new block.

The Aesthetic Elevator said...

I like the last block. Klimt-esque, if you will. Quite nice direction it seems.

m.Lee said...

He has been an influence in my work in the past.