Monday, October 22, 2007

127 blocks of wood!

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Japnese Woodblock Print from 1903

Oh how I wish I was in Chicago right now. And that I could actually go through this amazing book. It is on display at the Field museum. Oh how I miss the museums of Chicago, Boston museums are surprisingly disappointing for the most part.

This book illustrating each printed layer for a Japanese woodblock is on display. It is behind glass of course so one cannot see anything but what is on display here. The artist used 127 separate blocks of wood to create this piece! Uhm, I use five or six max!

*originally found by a Baren Printmaking Forum member


Country Morning Crafts said...

I'll go for you! I haven't been to the museum in quite a while, it gives me a good excuse to go!

The Aesthetic Elevator said...

SE Asia's knows their woodcuts.

Cathy said...

Amazing piece - art can be quite extraordinary!

P.S. LOVE the new look of your blog - very fresh and summery (we're approaching Summer in this part of the world anyway)!

m.Lee said...

They sure do have the artform mastered!

Thanks for the blog layout compliments, I am pretty pleased with it.