Tuesday, October 09, 2007

New Business Ideas

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Hi guys and thanks for all the well wishes I have received. I'm alive and on the road to recovery. But am almost always tired and at least a bit run down. In fact, I bet I will have to stop and start writing this blog entry a number of times before being able to finish it because I always have a million things to do, most of them involving the hippo. At five weeks her sleeping habits are changing and we are adjusting to them and only starting to get the hang of them. I hear her fussing a lot during the day and run to check on her only to find her asleep. I've learned to detect what cries need immediate attention and what ones don't.

Heroes was on TV, saved onto our Tivo and commercial free after we got home from running errands. No matter how Monday goes, and how tired I am at the end, I will not put off watching Heroes until another day. We were up to late watching it, but it was worth it!

goodbye cruel world



With much blood sweat and tears I managed to finish carving that block that I started working on eons ago and I think it turned out great. I finished it on Saturday and as I was going to bed asked myself if I should work on printing it Sunday or do some small blocks over the week and save the printing for next weekend. Giving myself a break since I am still ill. Well blee nixed any plans of doing anything on Sunday. She was a nightmare baby. Neither one of us got a single thing done unless you count Jon eating a burrito and me getting photo mailers for an order.

The simple fact is that it is harder for me to produce less work now and that is likely to remain unchanged for a very long time. I don't have massive amounts of new work coming out anymore, but when I do I think it is top notch and getting better. I think the work from my last printing sessions back in July was some of my best, and it selling out quickly proves that. It is time for me to raise my prices. Just on future work, I will not be going back to my old pieces and raising them. I won't decide my new price structure until I actually print and am looking at the new work.

To counter the price increase I am going to be offering more reproductions in my shop so that more people will be able to collect my work. I will continue to only offer pieces that have not only sold but have sold rather quickly, or were personal favorites. I even have two pieces framed
and hanging in my studio because I missed looking at them when they sold. I like them a lot, but my focus is going to remain on originals.

Oh, Jon and my fifth wedding anniversary is tomorrow. Hopefully we will be able to do something. Our favorite restaurant is pretty family friendly so we might go there. And as a real treat I am having somebody over to clean on Thursday! I am thinking I will stay in my studio with the baby and do some work and tend to her while the woman does her magic on the place.


stilettoheights said...

happy anniversary!!!!!!!

I think you are going in the right direction with reproductions and focusing on fewer originals for the time being...

hang in there, I am giggling about "the hippo"


Anonymous said...

Ohhh wedding anniversary! Happy Anniversary! Everyone needs a rest from house cleaning now and then. Wouldn't it be nice if there were a magic wand. We could just get one and swish....the house would be clean. LOLOL Anyway, wonderful post! *HUGS*

Ellen Shipley said...

Ha! love the little hippo. ;->

We used to call our son the Pid, short for piddle/poop. ;-y Parents have to get their fun somewhere.

m.Lee said...

It's not that I am focusing on fewer originals, I don't really have a choice as my time and energy is limited. It has been ever since I got pregnant.

Last year at my peak I was making 30 pieces a week every week or two. This is how my shop got so full. Oh the joys of hypomania!

GreenSpaceGoods said...

MLee- the carving is just beautiful. I can imagine a HUGE one on the wall of some fancy restaurant! Amazing. :)

m.Lee said...

It isn't actually as big as it looks. It certainly isn't small but it doesn't come close to filling up my 22"x36" press bed.

Anonymous said...



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