Saturday, October 06, 2007

Blubber Butt

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Look at what I let happen to my cat! He isn't svelte any longer that is for sure! The only difference in his life between the time the first photo was taken and the second was the dog. Who he loathes. And she eats his food whenever she gets the chance. I am wondering if when he is able to get to it he totally pigs out. Maybe we should put the baby gate on the door to the laundryroom where his food is kept back up. We would elevate it just enough for him to get under. But with the amount of laundry we do lately taking that thing down all the time would be such a pain.

He is cuter fat anyhow!

Some changes are going to be happening in my shop to go along with the changes in my life. Not closing it down or anything like that, just adjusting my business model a bit. Working out the details now, will try to post more about it on Monday.

I'm still ill and taking antibiotics four times a day and eating yogurt to counter the possible negative effects of the antibiotics killing my good bacteria along with the bad. Plus I love my kangaroo yogurt! Jon and I have both become addicted to having it every morning with some granola mixed in. He even picked up some Stoneyfield farms yogurt at Costco because it was cheap and ate one and wanted to toss them all out. All normal fruit yogurt is ruined for us now.

Happy weekend to everybody!

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Nutsy Coco said...

I hope you're feeling better soon! I have a similar problem with my dog and cat except it's the dog who eats all the cat's food. We had to put up a gate type thing in front of the cat food dish to keep Miss Piggy out.

stilettoheights said...

are you feeling any better now?? I am worried about you.

m.Lee said...

Thanks, I am doing better and I hope you are too Jenn!