Thursday, October 11, 2007

Moo + Cute Foreheads = Brilliant Promo

Del appreciates mLee!
Originally uploaded by foftychel
Lets swap and put them on our cuties. As you can see babies, children, pets, even boyfriends are all game here! oooh sticky!

Even before she was born when I first ordered my stickers months ago somebody suggested I pop one on her forehead to use as promo and if she happened to be bald then I would have even more real estate.

Sadly she was born with plenty of hair.

I have moo!blee loves Moo!

blee appreciates BirdNerd!promoing mommy


Christine said...

Oh so cute!

chris said...

Nice stickers! and really cute kiddo!

KiWi said...

Baby's first temporary tattooo...

m.Lee said...

She's an awesome billboard for me to rent out. Put her to work early.