Friday, October 12, 2007

Happy Little Caterpillar

the not so elusive blee smile
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My baby is a happy little caterpillar today. She's a bit of a stinky caterpillar to be honest because I am afraid to give her a proper bath by myself. But I cleaned her up as much as I could getting into her chins with a wet cloth and then lotioning her up good.

I haven't gotten much done because I have been so busy playing with and fawning over her today. Just love getting that smile! I find it funny how people say she looks like me since I mostly see Jon in her face other than her hands, feet and chin. Her lips are totally his. I'm trying to figure out her hair color, it is looking almost auburn to me. Pretty!

I did get the files and info over to Etsy for this Christmas promo thing. Last minute of course! I wouldn't have it any other way when it comes to deadlines it seems. Other than orders of course!

She's sleeping now so I should probably go and try to finish carving those blocks from last night so I can clean tonight when I stick her with Jon. Yesterday she was the perfect baby for me all day, sleeping nearly the whole time that the people were here cleaning no matter how much noise they made (a lot) and giving me time to get work done. Waking up for feedings and changes here and there and going right back down.

Then Jon got home and she sprouted horns just for him. And I was so tired that I apparently slept through her screaming and crying with him for around three hours. Not hungry, not dirty, no gas, not wanting to be held or bounced or whatever. Poor guy was at his wits end when I woke up. I don't recall what I did to calm her down but I did and she was down for an hour and after one wakeup was down for hours. Once again letting our Zzs in. Except I stayed up until 2am working like a crazy person. I sure paid for it this morning but I am better now.

Have a great weekend!


Cathy said...

Oh, bLee is absolutely adorable! That smile is priceless!
You sound like me - when the kids are actually asleep, I should be resting too but I stay up till all hours trying to fit my stuff in! Then, as you say, I pay for it in the morning!

Christina said...

She does look like you and she's so very cute! :) A little caterpillar...awwww! I ordered my son a bee costume for Halloween and it arrived today. He's been into bees because of Winnie the Pooh. He's the cutest bee EVER! lol! The costume has a little stinger on the back that wiggles when he walks. Ha!

I hope you have a great weekend!

m.Lee said...

I want to see the bee costume. so so cute! I almost got blee a peapod costume but I resisted because my order total was already pretty high and it seemed so unnecessary. Now I am regretting it a bit.

I didn't get squat done today other than the Etsy thing. What a PITA that was. I hate Photoshop! It bogs down my computer sooo bad.

Christine said...

Oh she is so cute! I can see all my comments on your blog are going to involve the word "cute" where bLee is concerned!

Kate said...

What an adorable face! Hey, I didn't say cute . :D

The Mommy and Me Boutique said...

You have a beautiful baby; so precious. Nice to see you getting productive in your work. Looking forward to seeing more pictures of your sweet baby and your projects.

stilettoheights said...

you two have the same's exact, how wonderful

m.Lee said...

: you two have the same's exact"


BaldyLocks said...

Look at that smile! That's worth a million dollars!

Morgan Street said...

Beatiful baby!!!...and she looks like you :)

Shannon said...

She is so beautiful! What a blessing. It is so good to hear how happy you and Jon too:)