Wednesday, October 17, 2007

New Work Wednesday

Pinecones in Fall
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Good morning bloggers and blog readers! I'm up early because I was able to get sleep last night and can therefor take care of things like this. I'm going to try putting up new work every Wednesday and see how that goes.

Mysterious Face


paper pile

This being the blog entry that always follows the creation of new work. And that happened yesterday. On Monday I tore a bunch of fresh paper, all that I had left actually as well as some half completed pieces until I had a huge pile to work with. Then I got inspired and started carving more new blocks! But instead of postponing printing yet again I used what freetime I had yesterday to print on the half finished pieces and therefor finish them off. It was much easier for me than to start from scratch and getting these pieces done was quite satisfying in its own right.

Most of these pieces have been uploaded onto Flickr already and will be moving into my shop over the next week. Meanwhile I will use my time to carve my latest ideas.

I have an appointment with the doctor and need to bring blee with me, along with dropping by the Post Office across the street to mail a few things. This is my first time going out with her alone without having the option of calling Jon and being picked up if she starts freaking out. I will be walking, it is only ten to fifteen minutes. Probably about the same as driving between dealing with possible traffic and parking combined with getting her in and out of the car. The thing is I don't like to drive, it makes me nervous and I haven't driven since we left Ohio nearly five years ago. It didn't help that my license expired just as we moved here and I had a very difficult time getting one here since I never seemed to have to proper documentation. And I can tell you how much I enjoy spending a day at the RMV (our version of the DMV)! Do I just walked around with an expired Ohio license with my maiden name on it for years. Since I wasn't driving it wasn't much of an issue. I only got a proper Massachusetts license this February. Mid-pregnancy I started talking about the possibility of taking short drives to make certain little trips easier but I have yet to do anything other than move the car to a safe spot on some Mondays because of street cleaning. I may hate driving but I hate an $80 ticket and possibly towing more.

I better start getting ready and do things now before the beast awakes and starts up with the demands. It is kind of chilly out today so I will need to bundle her up good. Thankfully she loves bumpy rides so the sidewalks of Boston please her just as the roads do.


Anonymous said...

I hope your doctor's appt. went well. Does Blee fall asleep in the car? Anyway, your work is looking great! Thanks for sharing it with us! *HUGS*

m.Lee said...

This is possibly my favorite color combination. Bold orange and purple.