Thursday, September 27, 2007

I'm Tired

Tired - SPT
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And I am not getting things done. Sleeping through the night is certainly not an option and that is to be expected. She actually does pretty well until around 5am when she is impossible to please. We really need to start going to bed earlier, but last night we had errands to run before Jon's parents arrived and got stuck in Red Sox traffic.

But not napping during the day when she sleeps, which is fairly often except for Monday which was hellish for me is just stupid on my part. But I have so much on my mind right now that I have a hard time relaxing and sleeping. Cleaning the house, the baby of course, art that I wish I was making, orders that I need to fill, dreading the stress of the JPOS this weekend and wondering if I should even do it or if I should just try and relax. But last year went so well and I did pay for my spot so it is hard to just stay home. So I am procrastinating just about everything right now.


almost finished

Square Magnets Set 4

I finished the clearing of the block and all that needs to be done now is the detail work. But my dreams of printing with it while the inlaws are here are all but dead at this point. I'm just too tired I just know I would mess it up and just wind up wasting paper and time.

I finally photographed more of the magnets and mirrors that I had made from print scraps and failures but I have no desire to put them up in my shop right now.

I'm feeling pretty frazzled and sad right now and just wish I could clear my mind while she naps so I could either rest or get one of my tasks done. I just popped some Advil so maybe my feet and back will stop hurting so much and I can do more than I have been.


stilettoheights said...

Oh Marissa I wish I was there to give you a big hug.

since I have never had a baby I can't really relate with what you are going through, but can only imagine.

remember you are a string beautiful and talented woman, and sometimes it's ok to just be all of that for you, and for blee, and for Jon...the rest of the world, well let us all fade away.

try and relax and just do something for you, all you...even if all that is, is napping.


m.Lee said...

Honestly I am so tired and so stressed right now I wish I could just take down my whole shop and run away from everything. Pack up my art because it isn't much fun when I feel pressured to keep creating.

I just found out that his parents have landed so I should probably do some housework before they come. Fuck! My ankles hurt so bad and I don't know why.