Friday, September 28, 2007


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Thanks for the support during my breakdown yesterday. I've come up with what I think will work as a compromise for this weekend. I've decided that I will only do one day of the art fair. It will have to be Saturday because if I skip that day and go for Sunday I would miss having a good spot secured for my table.

Plus Sunday is little blee's (first month) birthday! Weee!

I'd like to have her with me tomorrow as much as possible, but since she hates being in a sling and her head is still too floppy for the Baby Bjorn I'm not sure how much we will have her and how much we will let his parents watch her. Maybe I will put her in her carseat stroller and cover her with stickers of my art to get people's attention. Beat that!

Last night I was in bed before 9am and even though she was trouble early this morning I do feel better than I did yesterday. Getting things done seems possible. The amount I need to do seems more reasonable than overwhelming today.

Must Do

Drop domestic package off at the post box down the street.
Remove wholesale sales from Etsy to reserve them for the person in Hawaii because I know she won't be online again until late tonight.
• Fill and send two international orders (meaning I need to go or have Jon go to the PO, hence the delay)
• Put prices on my work
• Remove pieces that were bought for a wholesale order from my portfolio
• Make an AWAY aka don't buy from me Avatar and shop announcement for Etsy.
• Get table from basement and do a trial setup for tomorrow.


• finish carving block
• tear paper
• print (yeah right!)

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stilettoheights said...

you can do it!!! It's good to "hear" this light in your voice again!

m.Lee said...

That is I can do it after the baby is cared for (just now fed, changed and put down hopefully for a few hours) and houseswork is done (mostly done).

I should probably do the prep for tomorrow first since that is #1 have to be done tonight. Plus I can't go to the Post Office until tonight anyhow. Except for the trial set up on the table since I can't get that out of the basement on my own.

How are you? I am so behind on my blog reading I try to read at least a couple daily but there is such a backlog I think I am still on last week! :P

fernfiddlehead said...

mLee -- Missed your "breakdown" yesterday. I'm sorry and definintely feel your pain. Just hang in there. It will get better as it sounds it already is. She might like the fair. My babies seemed to like being out and about.

Happy one-month to the new girl and new parents!!!

Steph said...

I like that you divide your To-Do list into "Must Do" and "Extras". I'd be lost without my To-Do list, but sometimes I find myself choosing to work on the things that are easiest or the least of a pain in the butt, and paying no regard to prioritizing. I think I'm going to try your idea.

m.Lee said...

Thanks. Things were better with the list! Update coming.