Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Where to Stick them?

I have moo!
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I actually got these the other day but neglected to mention it on my blog because I always seemed to have so much else to fill up a page. I haven't been able to bring myself to actually use one yet, no task feels moo worthy quite yet. But I am thinking when my second (free) book arrives in the next day or two I will be more prone to use them. I am interested in trading sticker pages with other people with moo stickers. Maybe along with a business card swap? I enjoyed my free 10 pack of Moo mini cards awhile back and plan on making an order of those in the fall for Christmas season promotion. The are just as eye catching as the stickers.

On the first page of the sticker book are some standard promo stickers for Moo and some of their sponsors. You had better believe that I am going to snap a picture of blee with a Moo logo sticker on her forehead. Get her on the Moo homepage!

The doctor's visit was a bit disappointing, but I haven't given up hope that I will go into labor sometime this week yet. My acid isn't completely gone but it is a lot more manageable and along with that the baby hasn't dropped completely but she isn't high up either. Steps are certainly happening to get this party started. Saturday would be a good day. I do find it funny that no matter how scared of giving birth and of having a tiny baby to care for I am, and believe me I am, I am just so physically drained from this pregnancy that I welcome it all. I am so done with being pregnant at this point. It hasn't been 100% terrible but I want my body back now please. Right now I am getting some relief due to the acid reflux leveling out a bit. Before it seemed like no matter what I did to prevent it I would be up all night in serious acid pain, but now as long as I watch what I eat and what time I eat it I am actually able to sleep through the night. Last night I was asleep before midnight and it was just glorious!

The photographer from the Globe for the Daily Candy spot was over yesterday shooting photos of me in my studio. I think it went well, he was very nice while being very much the professional and he set me at ease for the photos. The whole time I had to lock Maeby up in the living room and she whined and whined like the big baby she is. She loves new people and wanted to check things out and get in the way so badly. He seemed to get a lot of shots of this piece, too bad promoting it is useless since it sold that day! Makes me tempted to push myself to print more of that dancing lady design instead of carving today. I will see how I feel after I get a few orders packed up. The upside of carving versus printing is I should be able to manage it sitting down so it isn't nearly as physically taxing as printing. The downside being it is unlikely that block will be finished anytime soon. But I still do need to take it easy and not get ahead of myself and go back to pushing myself into exhaustion. My blood pressure isn't exactly good and I also have a bit of a head cold.

I goofed up and thought my Showcase date was today when it was actually yesterday. I did get a sale, but I have no idea if it had anything to do with being on Showcase or not. If I had known I would have rotated my featured items up a bit. Oh well. Sales are great to have, but currently not super high on my mind. Getting this baby out and being prepared for it is tops.

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Chicalookate said...

I just got 100 moo cards in the mail. I love them!!! I don't want to hand them out. Maybe I can use them in an art project. I think the stickers are next for me. :)

intothefire said...

I think my moo stickers are coming today or tomorrow! Will I hoard them?

stilettoheights said...

I am really wanting some moo cards and stickers.

Dara said...

That dancing piece is/was lovely, not wonder it sold so quickly. Good luck with your birth and enjoy welcoming your baby to the world.

Cathy said...

i had really bad heartburn (acid) too - and yes my son was born with heaps and heaps of dark hair! lol
the only thing that helped me was drinking milk...