Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Perfect Morning

Just what I want when I am trying to get plenty of rest is to have road work (complete with jackhammer) just outside my bedroom window. Ah well, at least I did get a pretty good nights sleep last night and am feeling okay today. Feeling good enough to have a baby even! And the weather is quite nice so at least I am not overheated because that is very unfun when pregnant. I've lucked out as far as weather goes this summer pregnancy.

Hope all is well for everybody. Thank you to everybody for being there for me during these long and bumpy months. It certainly has been an adventure.

I didn't have any contractions yesterday just a lot of stabbing pain whenever I stood up and moved. The most disturbing part was when I had Jon google it and he came back telling me it is perfectly normal. I was near tears and this is normal? This kind of pain should only come with the baby actually coming out!

Just like I did yesterday I am going to stay down as much as possible today. I actually listed a piece this morning for the heck of it. It isn't new, but I have quite a few pieces that haven't been listed yet because I have had other things on my mind. And of course the card pictured is also available. I really like this little card. The colors and the way the shapes work together suits me. Provided I don't go into labor today, and I really do hope that I do, I am making a Post Office run tomorrow.


KiWi said...

You may need to jump up and down to loosen up that baby :)

m.Lee said...

Oh the pain that would bring! She already feels like she is about to fall out when I stand!

stilettoheights said...

Marissa...I'm sorry but I had to laugh (in a good way) at "she is about to fall out when I stand!"...that has to be s sure sign she is coming soon right???

Becca said...

The piece you listed is beautiful!

Blee, c'mon girl!

ebbandflo said...

... and I laughed about you making the Post Office run ....
girl, i'd like to see you run!
Hang in there!