Thursday, August 23, 2007

Still Waiting - Life on Hold

SPT belly
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Going to see the midwife (again) tomorrow at 10am. If anything interesting happens I will let you guys know. Here is hoping that my body has made some progress getting this kid out. I had a call tonight from the leader of my former mom's group and she was perkily telling me how her first came two weeks early but she had to wait for her second who only came two days early. Poor thing. Yeah, not what I want to be hearing right now. Everyone please mentally get together and will this child out so I can try to be a person again.

Gotta package up a small but of course very important order before I go. Been a bad girl and have waited a few days to send it. Sales have been pretty decent for me this month despite how much scaling back I have done promoting and listing. They are slowing down more and this is good, I want this because it means I have control enough to keep things slow and manageable during this time and the time to come. I would much rather be able to slow them through lack of promotion along with a notice in my shop about what is going on than putting every 116 items into edit mode! But of course there is that little insecure voice inside of me that cries just a little.

I know, totally silly and best ignored.

So this picture is of me drinking the last of the raspberry leaf tea last night. I have decided that this is bullshit labor tea. It certainly does seem to bring on labor pains as it has the three nights I drank it and the one night I abstained I had none. But you don't see me with a baby either do you? Basically I get the pain and it leads nowhere. This tea lead to some rough nights thinking I might be going into labor only to have them vanish into thin air. I do not recommend this tea to any of you expectant moms. It is a labor tease.

I'm not very mobile lately. Blee feels like she is about to fall out of me at times when I walk and I get some serious pains. I entertain myself with youtube a bit. I'm currently pretty obsessed with Flight of the Conchords and this is the song that is currently stuck in my head.

"These aren't tears of sadness cause you're leaving me.

I've just been cutting onion for a lasagna. For one."

That and the end are my favorite bits.


Kellybot said...

Oh, gee, thank you so much for sticking that song in my head too. I'll be singing it all day now. :)

stilettoheights said...

lol...bullshit labor tea, that's fantastic...

good luck today, I was born 2 weeks's hoping blee appears this weekend.