Friday, August 03, 2007

Be more square!

Square Art Magnets
Originally uploaded by m.Lee
Hey girls and boys! Yesterday was another rough one for me but after I thought it couldn't get any worse it didn't get any worse it got better. Why and how? Because my husband came home bearing a package from Kate Black containing the square magnets I have been wanting more of for months now. I only got one set the last time and I knew that I needed more right away. This is just the first set, each set of two magnets is original and one of a kind. On Flickr you can see this not so great photo of them all spread out, feel free to reserve any by making a note or contacting me. Jon really likes these square magnets and was interested in me getting a machine to make them myself until I showed him about how much they go for. Kate, your square magnet making business is safe! I really like how the woodgrain shows through.

I got a little extra something from Kate too, but I am going to keep that to myself for now. You will have to be patient and wait until Monday.

We have an appointment with the midwife this morning. Should be interesting. I'm ready to have this baby out, Jon on the other hand wants her to stay inside. Easy for him to say since he isn't the one suffering. Though after the shower and after the photographer from the Boston Globe comes on Monday to take my picture would be good for me. Also, him getting over his cold first would be nice. But really the idea of going another 19 days is pretty horrifying to me. Especially after another night of hell, which is what last night was for me. I didn't have the baby pushing up on my lungs and I thought I was doing pretty good when I went to sleep. Then I woke up with this acid cough and ended up puking. And even then the acid feeling didn't go away. I was up most of the night with it. The idea of actually carrying this baby longer than the 40 weeks has me screaming for mercy. I think I would be begging to be induced if I was even a day late.


nina kuriloff said...

the magnets are looking very good!

narchi said...

Hang in there mlee!
The magnets are awesome :]

stilettoheights said...

the magnets are wonderful!!!

you need that baby out now....I am crossing my fingers that it is sometime next week!!


intothefire said...

Love the square magnets! DOn't worry mLee, soon the baby will come out!

fernfiddlehead said...

Awesome magnets. I want one for my refrigerator.

Come on out, bLee, come on out

aidan said...

the magnets are awesome... the square shape really compliments your designs nicely.

best wishes with the baby!

m.Lee said...

Thanks for the feedback.

Sorry if I am a bit quiet on comments lately. I love you all!

lusummers said...

oh, poor you! as i've said before, i've been there, so i'm totally sympathetic :) i'd love to swap moo stickers! (and cards) do you want to flickr mail me your address? then i'll do the same. fabulous magnets, i agree the square magnet is so simple but so visually pleasing. gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

The magnets are wonderful. If I were you...I would want that baby out too. I hope that everything goes great. I am sure that you will have a precious lil angel to hold soon.