Thursday, August 02, 2007

My Day Off

Ginkgo Leaves at Dusk
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I didn't plan on taking a day off yesterday. But that is what ended up happening because I didn't accomplish a single thing yesterday. I didn't even upload any of my images from Tuesday onto Flickr that is how lazy I was.

It all started last Friday when my blood pressure came back a little on the high side. Not horribly high but she sent me in for bloodwork just in case because high blood pressure during pregnancy is serious business. Everything came back just fine. But she still wanted me to come in this week before my regular Friday appointment to get my blood pressure checked again. I was annoyed. I talked to the nurse about it on the phone on Tuesday and tried to get out of it and she said she would talk to the midwife about seeing if since everything came back normal I could skip the blood pressure check. I really thought I would be able to. But first thing Wednesday morning I get the call telling me to come in right away to get checked.

Well, what I thought was going to be a simple in and out blood pressure check took well over an hour. I "failed" the first check so I ended up being hooked to a machine for fetal monitoring and lying on my side for thirty minutes. Then they took my pressure again and this time I passed. This means that I avoid going to the hospital and avoid being induced. But it means that I must take it easy and take thirty minute breaks where I lie on my left side three times a day and watch out for any symptoms.

Please, nobody worry. I'm not worried really just annoyed yet thankful that I have doctors that really do care and are keeping watch of me. There are three major symptoms of pregnancy induced hypertension or preclampsia and I only have one of those three. They are just being cautious to make sure I don't get any of the other two. Then we would have a problem and blee would be getting induced. My mother had preclampsia with me and everything was fine in the end with that. And I am at a much better hospital. I am in very good hands.

So yesterday was filled with a whole lot of napping and bed rest.

Nights are the hardest. She kicks and kicks and pushes up on my lungs so I can't breathe and I end up crying that I want her out right then and there. It is funny how I see the twenty days I technically have left as way too much time and Jon would love to double it. As much as he wants to meet her it is when she arrives that his life really changes so I don't blame him. I'm nervous about caring for her too, but when she pushes into my diaphragm so I can't catch my breath that worry goes out the window and I want her out!

Not sure what I am going to do with myself today between my thirty minute breaks. I certainly will not be printing! But I am going to see if I am able to carve a bit. This piece is from Monday and I have some pieces from Tuesday that I would like to start getting up into my shop. Yesterday there was some bug on the site where pictures weren't showing up in listings so taking the day off from listing too made sense. But I hope it is fixed today because I don't want to go two days without listing anything!

Happy Thursday to all!


stilettoheights said...

please take it easy as much as you can, is it hot in Boston?????

rest, rest, carve a little, rest some more, read..., rest, carve...

oh and eat, I left out eat

fernfiddlehead said...

mLee -- I do NOT want to give unsolicited advice, but if you have any L&D questions or whatever about the baby coming, please convo me. I am an RN, midwife and teach childbirth classes.

Morrgan said...

Take care, mLee!

I love the colours of the gingko piece.

Block Party Press said...

Enjoy the rest and relaxation while you can!! Glad you and blee are OK!

Christina said...

Hugs to mLee! (and bLee)


Sweet Spice said...

keeping you and bLee in thoughts...just 19 more days =o)

lusummers said...

oh, i really feel for you and i know it's pretty warm in boston right now! i cannot believe how productive you've been while pregnant; i went right off creative stuff whilst pregnant with my first, but i was really creative with my second. it'll be interesting to see if either of them are artistic. if my theory is proven right, then blee will be an award winning artist! :)

papernclay said...

love the ginkos, very nice!!