Monday, August 06, 2007

The Weekend is Over

Dragonfly over City
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Monday morning. Hope everybody had a good weekend.

My baby shower on Saturday was a whole lot of fun even though I was a bit of a zombie for it after having another rough night sleeping. The shower favors that Kate made for me went over really well. Thanks Kate! My friends officially have a sense of humor. I got some much appreciated baby stuff, but more importantly got to spend the afternoon relaxing around girlfriends. Some I hadn't seen in months. Two came all the way from Brooklyn for the shower. There was a lot of tasty food that I didn't have room to eat much of and crafting that I was a bit to brain fried to do a good job with. I made a collage of cut out paper cherries. Why cherries? Because I was eating cherries and that was about how creative my brain was willing to get. But it was great fun and then I went home and crashed.

Last night we sucked it up and made a quick IKEA run right before closing to get curtains and a rug. The rug selection totally sucked so we just ended up with curtains, but we now not only have curtains for the babies room and my studio but for the entire place except for the kitchen. Like real adults! Too bad Jon lost my power drill and we have to borrow one from a friend to put the curtains up. My dad offered us a free drill but we have to wait until he visits to get it because he won't mail it. But a good cordless drill is expensive enough to wait for.

I want to work on carving that block but I still feel crappy most of the time plus I don't want to get woodchips all over my studio before the guy from the Boston Globe comes today to photograph me for a Daily Candy article. I actually need to tidy up my studio a bit today because it is not currently photo worthy. But neither am I so we can match.

I have a seriously unfun pregnant lady task today and see a midwife tomorrow to complete it. I'm ready to get off this ride now thank you very much. Blee, consider yourself served an eviction notice. Thirty-eight weeks is plenty! At this point I know all you are doing (besides making me sick) is packing on the pounds. At least I was able to sleep through the night last night. First time in awhile.

On the plus side I have lots of cool art recently listed and being listed in my shop right now from last week. Including this piece that I love and a favorite that has already sold.

I shipped out a birthday gift to my soon to be eight year old sister in Illinois. It is a Princess Peach game for her Nintendo DS. Her birthday is on the 12th and I am hoping blee beats her! Or maybe I could hold out long enough for them to share. I think my sister would get a kick out of that. She is a sweet kid.

Gotta get to cleaning!

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intothefire said...

I love your choice of shower favors! The butterfly and dragonfly prints are beautiful!

stilettoheights said...

Ikea....I got lost in my own decorating head the second you said it....

ok now I'm back, and I hope you ar feeling better today...have that baby Marissa!!!!

m.Lee said...

I got lost in my head at IKEA. If I hadn't been 9 months pregnant it would have been a grand time. Showing up about an hour before close on a Sunday when there is no traffic into the store or in the store. But my brain was fried and I mostly lost track of what we were there to do and just looked around spaced out.

I really had to focus when it came to curtain picking. We almost left with mere fabric panels and I can't sew.

Does Columbus have an IKEA yet or do you still have to go to Pittsburgh?

LadyK said...

Those shower favors are great! lol

Glad your baby shower was fun and you were also able to get some rest finally.

Almost there!

Becca said...

That butterfly print is awesomely gorgeous!

C'mon, blee! There's more space out here. :)

Nora said...

Soon soon your life will be upside down! I love your artwork. Congrats on the cool baby shower and upcoming baby. Take care.

Megan said...

Glad your shower went well, the article sounds exciting! Feel better, Marissa!

Sweet Spice said...

so glad you had a full nights rest =o) soon blee will be here =o)

stilettoheights said...

no ikea yet.....grrr

Rachel said...

I absolutely LOVE the dragonfly. LOVE it.

~Stella said...

Dang! Daily Candy!!!!! Congratulations, that is huge! And well deserved!


Anonymous said...

Hi Marissa,
I remember when my daughter was a week late arriving -- we drove (Volkswagen bus in 1975) from NJ into NYC and bounced around a lot over all the potholes. Labor started that night--fortunately, after we got home! My advice look for closer to home potholes and also I've heard stories about heavy Italian food doing the job. Of course, it won't work if she's not ready...

Sheri said...

I love the dragonfly print. Beautiful.