Saturday, July 28, 2007

Weekend Plans

Final Four
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I hope everybody has fun stuff planned this weekend. And is able to stay cool. It is hot as heck here in Boston. My fun stuff is art and baby stuff.

After what turned out to be a very productive week I now hope to have a productive weekend filled with art and baby prep. Heck, I consider working on art as baby prep at this point. Because I am doing something that is important for me to do before the baby comes!

I finished carving the last of these four images (on two blocks) yesterday and now I am off to touch up the carving a bit, make sure there are no snaggy areas in the carving and that the areas I need deep are deep enough. Other than that they are done. Then clean off the desk which is currently a mess of woodchips and carving tools.

Once the desk is cleared I can tear my paper and I want lots of paper! Thankfully I do have a bunch that is already half done. I have some new paper that I want to try too. Hopefully I will get to printing by Sunday.

Last night I was really nervous that today was going to be ruined because my stomach was acting up and feeling acidic. I was exhausted but didn't go to sleep until around 2am because of the pain and fear. But it had settled down enough at that point and I slept very well. I'm not even all that sore like I was yesterday morning. We both slept in and as I rose Jon leaned over and rubbed my back. I feel very motivated to get stuff done today after a good night's rest.

This weekend is important for us to do stuff around the house. My baby shower is next Saturday. Boy has that really snuck up on me! It looks like two of my best friends will be coming from NYC for it and I am excited. I'm excited to see everybody that will attend. Many of them have not seen me since I got huge.


Ben Can Dance said...

Wow, all your carvings are gorgeous! I wish I could do that. It looks like it takes such a long time and incredible patience.

Cathy said...

ditto what ben said! they are amazing!

and how exciting about the baby shower! hope you have a fun and relaxing afternoon next week catching up with your friends. really enjoy it, because a baby does turn your world upside down lol

janey said...

These blocks are beautiful, very sculptural.