Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday Afternoon Thoughts

Maple Leaves Fall in the City
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The day is nearly half over at this point. Hope everybody is having a good Friday and it isn't as hot as it is here. And if it is hot like here you are enjoying air conditioning like I am right now.

Yesterday was a rough day for me. A crash following a very good Tuesday and Wednesday. I credit a lot of that to getting such a poor nights sleep the night before. And that has me wondering how I am going to handle the many nights in a row for possibly months at a time where I don't sleep well when the baby comes. But the difference I think (hope) is that I slept poorly because I was sick. Staying up or getting up often to feed and care for a crying baby doesn't sound like fun. But getting up in pain often only to end up puking up acid at 3am is something different. Especially since it didn't really go away after that. The entire day my stomach continued to give me issues and as a result I barely ate.

Despite feeling bad yesterday I managed to squeeze in a burst of energy and work at the very end after snacking on some string cheese and cashews. I got the pine cone block nearly finished carving and plan on finishing it up after I write here. And I feel good that I managed to save the day a bit in the end and I slept well last night. Other than waking up to pee often and general soreness I was fine.

This morning we saw the midwife and it went well. Except when I asked her how big she thinks the baby is going to be she kind of chuckled and said big. I still have about a month to go in theory and she thinks blee is at least 7lbs at this point. And Jon thinks she was underestimating to be kind. She said she would like it if I don't carry blee the full term and gave birth around 38 weeks instead because of her size. I fully blame Jon for this. He was a big baby. I'm gaining so little weight at this point that I think my body is actually losing weight while the baby packs it on. I am just not eating much. I have one odd craving and that is to munch on ice. It isn't even because I feel overheated, I just enjoy it.

Sorry that this was such a babytastic post. At least there is some pretty art to look at while you read it. This piece was one of those pieces that I had sitting around unfinished for months not knowing what to do with it but knowing that it would be beautiful once I figured out how to finish it off.

I hope to have more new pieces by Monday or early next week at the latest. If my midwife wants me delivering at 38 weeks that means I only have about two weeks left and I had better use them wisely!


stilettoheights said...

when I was born I was 12 lbs and 11 oz, and had to be put on a diet at once.

I looked like an old fat man....

your dear little blee will be a delicate angel compared to that, don;t worry...


m.Lee said...


Anything would be delicate compared to a nearly 13lb baby! Your poor mother.

I am laughing and totally horrified at the same time.

Were you a c-section? Because I can't imagine birthing a baby that size!

Cathy said...

i was "lucky" - my first was around 6lbs and my second just under 6lbs - but i still had trouble getting them out :) lol

it's all good in the end though!