Thursday, July 12, 2007

Upcycling in Action

5x7 picture frame
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Hello dear readers. This is not an easy post for me to get out this am due to the terrible acid filled night I had last night. Not the kind of acid that makes one see things but the kind that had me bending over the toilet to get the vile stuff out of my body at 3am. The cidar vinegar cure has failed me! Just as I was telling all how wonderful it is. It does still work 90% of the time, but sometimes nothing is going to help me. That is what I learned from last night. Sometimes I am just hosed and no pill or concoction is going to help me out and I had better just accept it.

Thankfully for your reading pleasure I had this blog post started and saved in an outside source so I was able to have something to start with. Good thing since my brain feels like absolute mush this morning. I reached for some iced tea in the fridge but it is roobious and dammit caffeine free. Let's see if I can actually get it together enough to make a pot of real tea after I finish this sucker. See how much I love you all?

Seeing this gorgeous frame on Etsy the other day that includes pieces from one of my earlier collage packs reminded me that I needed to list them again. I had one sell last week and I never got around to replacing it because I wasn't sure how much I had left. Even before I cleaned my studio I had enough papers for two of what might possibly be my best collage pack yet? It is certainly a good one with plenty of variety. And I still had plenty of pieces for stickers, magnets and buttons. After pretty much finishing cleaning yesterday I have even more, but since those come from other pieces those have a totally different feel. I just love upcycling and using every bit of art and extra paper except for the tiniest of scraps.

This morning I got the notice that my featured on the wonderful Indie/Pretty/Perfect blog is up! This is really quite an honor since she tends to chose such fabulous finds and is quite a talented artist herself. I drool over her letterpress. But I don't envy the task she just had of moving that dinosaur halfway across the country. Letterpresses make my press look like a paper weight. Back when they were making letterpresses there was no such thing as a lightweight press. While my newly designed press was designed to weigh as little as possible while maintaining its function and durability. It weighs 300lbs with the stand while most letterpresses that can print as big as it can weigh over a thousand pounds. Somehow I don't think getting one of those up into my second floor Boston walkup would have worked for me no matter how much I tipped the delivery man!

There you go, my blog post is done and now that I have written it I am feeling like less of a zombie. A very good thing because I would like to take advantage of my newly cleaned studio and do some carving today. But I won't let the woodchips that come from it destroy all the work I did because now I have the perfect broom and dustbin combo ever. The dustbin is on a long handle so there is no need for me to bend over. I love it as much as any reasonable human could love a dustbin. Jon picked it out, he isn't so bad after all!

I still need to write about the Rothko and Bernini episodes of the Power of Art. Getting there! Let's me just put it this way for now, those were the last two episodes of the series (I saw it totally out of order) and I am very sad that he didn't choose to focus on fifty artists!


stilettoheights said...

feel better Marissa, my goodness I am worrying for your poor body :(

on the plus side, that is a wonderful feature, I have never seen that blog before, it's beautiful

m.Lee said...

Thank you! I'm feeling better today. Jon rubbed me down with some tiger balm last night and it felt good. I don't care if he thinks the stuff smells, it works and that is all that matters.

Ivy Arts said...

I was sick for most of my second pregnancy. So gross. I feel for you. I took a half a Unisom every night and that was the only thing that worked. (Didn't like the idea of it but my son just turned a year and he seems fine :)
I've Tivo'd the Power of Art and am waiting to get some time to watch.
Take care.

m.Lee said...

We just finished the Power of Art series and are watching the little extras before sending it back to Netflix. It is incredible and I want to make an entry about it. I am a bit of an art history nerd and this really brought that part back out. I was always rather surprised in art school by how many students HATED art history. They just thought that they made their work in a bubble or something.