Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Buried Treasure

Purple Tree
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I am in a very good mood today. Yesterday I killed myself cleaning and organizing and had a bit of a tiff with my husband, but we made up, my studio looks great and after a good nights sleep the swelling is mostly gone. And Jon gave me foot massages. He doesn't know this yet but from now on he will be giving those to me nightly for the rest of the pregnancy. They really do help a lot.

Yesterday I focused on cleaning my studio all day while playing this viral video from the Flight of the Conchords, and other videos from them, but mostly that one, over and over. You should all watch it because it is seriously funny. No nudity or bad language, but i wouldn't play it if your boss happens to be hanging around your desk. By the end of the night I had a foot that looked like this yet I kept on cleaning until my studio looked like this instead of like this! The whole time I cleaned I had that song and another one of their way too catchy songs mixed up together. My foot was a mess the entire time but I was so into the cleaning that I just didn't care to stop and didn't even feel much pain. Is this what nesting is like? You clean until you hurt yourself and then you keep going? All the while hearing "being lewd with two dudes with food" and "sniff that one it's dead" over and over in your head the entire time? la la la let's all sing along!

As if getting a neat and orderly studio wasn't enough during the process of throwing away old cardboard boxes and pieces this piece slipped out of one of them as I was going to toss it. This beautiful piece from over a year ago somehow got lost in the shuffle and totally forgotten about. And it is in perfect condition, not a wrinkle or tear in sight. I really lucked out. As I keep going who knows what I could end up finding?

I'm not quite done with my studio yet. I would like to add some hooks here and there for things like my print apron and possibly get two more drawers because I have an addiction to drawer buying apparently. Because $100 worth of new drawers just isn't enough! But I have a lot to store because an entire table and corner needs to be cleared out to make room for a Pack N Play for the baby. That way I can keep her in here for naps and playtime while getting work done. Getting rid of that desk is not exactly a huge sacrifice on my part.


Zesty Betsy said...

That song is pretty funny. So is kitty on the press (why do they pick the funkiest spots?) but your foot is NOT. outch.

Keep cool, and hydrated. Lots of foot rubs.


Sandra Williams said...

LOVE that song! it was so funny!

Good luck with your foot rubs every night and your studio looks great!

stilettoheights said...

what a wonderful treat to find!!!

(also I am so proud of you for your nesting and cleaning, it's adorable)

dandelion blu said...

I saw your foot pics last night- yikes!!! I am inspired to get off my lazy ass and actually get some work done!!
Love your blog BTW!

Congrats on the studio makeover too!

m.Lee said...

I must have watched that video twenty times yesterday. When Jon and I were having our fight I put it on and it helped a lot!

My foot is still a little swelled, nothing like last night but still swollen. but I have it wrapped up in an ankle support thing that Jon picked up for me and that is nice.

My studio is too clean to work in now! I'll just end up ruining it! If I print I will end up with newsprint everywhere and if I carve woodchips! But I have a better broom now so woodchips should be less of an issue.

Morrgan said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better. :) That print is beautiful and congrats on the clean studio!

Space Oddities said...

the print is gorgeous!