Friday, July 13, 2007

I am so proud!

Compare and Contrast
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Friday the 13th oooooiiieeeeeooooo! Bah Are there any good horror movies even coming out today? I haven't heard about anything. The weekend is coming and I doubt that I will be up to much excitement this weekend, as usual lately. I'm so boring! I hope others have more of a outside life than I do. Especially on weekends. The pregnancy certainly isn't helping, but honestly I was pretty lame to begin with. I am going out to dinner with Sweetestpea Jen on Tuesday and that will be fun. It has been a couple of months and I always love spending time with her.

My foot certainly did not turn into a sausage in vain because my studio is looking fabulous! Especially looking at the before pictures. What a sad display that was. I felt like I was totally disrespecting my work by how I kept what should be precious to me like my carved blocks of wood. At least they are very durable! Now those before photos are very extreme and show the worst it ever got. But it was never very well organized and didn't look that great or function all that comfortably or efficiently even when it looked "good". The set up I have now is worlds better than it ever has been before. No more useless items like an easel taking up space, everything is very functional. I'm a little hesitant to use it fearing I will mess it all up. But I do want to test it out and see if it runs as smoothly as I hope it will.

Once I finish cleaning off my work desk I will be ready to print again. But I think I am going to work on a carving I started last week before I do any printing. Printing is very hard on my feet and will almost definitely lead to a sausage foot. My days of printing for five hours or more and pumping out thirty pieces from start to finish are over!

My happy place is back and I am looking forward to spending as much time in there as I can now and with the baby!

PS. I made it through the night last night without getting sick. Maybe I need everybody to do a little chant for me every night before going to bed because it seems pretty random to me. Sometimes the medicine settles my stomach, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes the cider vinegar does the trick, sometimes it makes it worse! But last night was fine, except for oversleeping which is probably good for me.


gilfling said...

Oh your studio looks amazing!!! It is so much easier to work when everything is functioning as it should and you have space to breathe and move - I think you deserve a relaxing weekend after that marathon!!

Block Party Press said...

It does look good. You'll be so glad you did it before blee arrives! I spent all yesterday cleaning & organizing too. I sent my kids to my MIL's so I had like 5 hours and I got our basement organized including my little studio area. I feel so much better since I won't have to search all over for everything. I just hope I can keep it this way!

I also wanted to mention that my new ACEO is on displayed on my desk on a little ACEO easel I made. She is just so pretty!