Friday, July 13, 2007

Must not procrastinate

Ginkgo Art Mirror
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Things I need to do today!

1) finish packing up orders.
2) pick out the reserved stickers for a customer and list them on Etsy for her.
3) clear off work desk
4) do some carving. I have one block started and one idea in my head that I would like to get to.
5) do laundry
6) figure out what to do for dinner that won't make me ill
7) ship orders
8) clean up whatever mess I make carving so my studio stays pretty

What I want to do
1) stare off empty headed into space
2) nap
3) take a cold shower
4) soak feet
5) keep feet up (hard to carve or print with feet up!)
6) receive foot and back rubs

Ugh! Sooooo tired. No brainpower or energy left in this sore and broken body

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