Monday, July 30, 2007

Manic? Me? No!

Crazy Block
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Okay, maybe just a little bit! smiles

It is Monday already? Why does my weekend feel wasted? It wasn't, but it is just never enough since there is so much to do.

The heat got to me and I wasn't able to print yesterday as planned. My body just wasn't cooperating at all. Instead I made a promo poster (side A, side B) to and sent it to the JPOS for them to include in binders throughout the area. Postmark date today!

I took a nice nap and actually woke up feeling rather refreshed for a change. My brain was hopping a bit and I started going through my sketchbook and adding new doodles. I'm not a huge sketcher but sometimes I doodle or do very loose plans for images. That is where this crazy block came from. Pulling random images and throwing them all on one block in a mad drawing fury. I had more that wouldn't fit that I was tempted to put on the other side but I restrained myself, reminding myself that the drawing part is the easy part of this process. That carving this won't be a fast and easy task for sure.

And I won't be letting myself carve this no matter how much I want to until I print. I have around 50 sheets of beautiful Japanese papers torn and ready to go and those four new images to print. This new crazy block can wait or I may end up totally screwing myself over and not have any new work before blee comes!

It feels so good when my brain works like this with energy and not wanting or needing sleep but it wears me out eventually and if I don't force myself to focus I don't get things done I just get too many things started and end up overwhelmed. I feel very impatient with myself right now wishing I had carved or printed yesterday but my body was not able to print and by the time I finished drawing the block it was midnight and time for bed like it or not. Plus, starting carving means messing up the studio I cleaned up for printing.

This morning it is raining and cooler. Still muggy but not nearly as bad as yesterday. I had a so-so night sleeping having woken up feeling icky a few times but managing to control it. Then around 6am (I think) I was woken up again by a thunderclap. I love thunder but I need my sleep! Right now I need my coffee or a big pot of tea.

Currently the colors I am thinking for today are a golden yellow/ orange. slate blue and deep purple. I hope my body and the heat don't do me in.


stilettoheights said...

that block is outstanding....though you may be feeling badly at times, pregnancy really agrees with your have never been better

MewPaperArts said...

Those delicate papers are delicious indeed!

I can't believe how close blee is coming to her introduction!

m.Lee said...

Thanks girls!

I do think I will be using the papers today. I was a bad girl and went back to sleep after posting this and now I am trying to wake myself up! Tea! Plenty of tea is required.

The paper is one of the things that people that get my pieces always comment about. The scans may pick up the delicate edges but they can't pick up the texture of the paper. Japanese paper is incredible. I mail ordered one of these, but I am lucky enough to have a local source for good paper. One of the perks of living near not one but two major art schools.

Diane Cutter said...

I'm a paper-holic, too, Belinda. It's amazing how much it can add to a piece, isn't it!

I look forward to seeing this block no matter when you get around to it.

Marilynn Smith said...

Hi Marissa. I have been lurking now for weeks on your blog. I really enjoy your work and also enjoy following your pregnancy. Hope you get your four blocks printed before little blee comes. I am looking forward to seeing your new little one and also seeing how you progress after becoming a new mama. Love that paper!