Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Poppies in Spring
Originally uploaded by m.Lee
Even though this poppies piece from last year is in my top five pieces from that series it has yet to find a home. Sometimes it seems like the pieces that I like the most take the longest to find homes, my very favorite still sits in my shop unsold. But that one I keep raising the price on because I am so attached to it. If I had a frame for it I would unlist it right now. While I always loved that piece after I became pregnant I found myself even more drawn to it.

A lot of artists say that it is their favorite pieces that sell the slowest and the ones they feel the most iffy about that go the quickest. Why is that? It is often true for me though I love every piece I put up on Etsy. If I don't love it chances are it will end up as a pocket mirror or a set of coasters!

Gotta make a postal run tonight. Maybe even limp my way down to the post box this afternoon and try to catch the mailman before the 1pm pickup time. Everything is shifting and stretching right now and walking is becoming more and more difficult. I want to start driving again so I don't have to walk to my appointments anymore. I haven't driven in over five years.


stilettoheights said...

I hear you on the loving things and having them not sell...

sometimes I feel like screaming out "can;t you see what I'm seeing this is a masterpiece"

why have you not driven in the past 5 years, juts being in Boston??

I am a non driver (hate it and I am bad at it) so I am always curious.


m.Lee said...

Moving to Boston is part of it since the roads are crazy and driving isn't needed like it is in the midwest. But also I got into an accident about a year before we moved out here that seriously rattled me and nearly totaled Jon's car. My car broke down soon after and that is when I stopped driving. When we moved to Boston my license expired less than a week after the move and I only got it renewed this year because if I didn't I would have to take the driving test again.

I drove for a bit this week because the car needed to be moved ASAP because of street cleaning or face a $150 ticket. I actually enjoyed it a bit and we may go out driving this weekend. Being able to make short drives to my doctor's visits would be nice. Normally I walk but as the temperature goes up and I get bigger that 15 minute walk is starting to wear on me. And the T is not a much better option in this case.