Tuesday, June 12, 2007

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Moo cards. Got them? Want them? Don't know what they are?

I'd love to hear any experiences with these tiny little cards (about half the size of a normal business card). On the back it has my name, email, location, website and etsy address. Plus my avatar.

I got these ten cards are a free promotional offer they were running through Vox. I'm glad that I got to try them out before buying because frankly I just don't know if they are worth the huge price difference compared to my regular business cards.

Enough about moo cards already!

What else? I still have tons of mirrors to list! I need to either renew older pieces or find the energy to make some new stuff so I don't look like mirror girl on Etsy with thirty mirrors listed in a row! I'm pretty anal about how my shop looks and that will not do at all. While the mirrors are all one of a kind and I totally see them as art I simply don't want many of the same basic product listed one after another. I don't want it with any of my items! I wouldn't want 30 6"x6" pieces in a row either.

I'm getting close to a big milestone in my shop and that has me very excited. There is a good chance that it could happen this month if things keep going the way they are currently. I know I have to do something fun and special for that number 500. It is halfway to a thousand after all! I think I have done something cool for each big milestone sale and I want this one to be no different, even better.

The rockin' coasters and square magnets are gone as of last night. Of all the things I had Kate make those were among my favorites so I am not surprised at all but I am a bit attached to them and will missed them. I found out Kate does have some leftover papers that could be made into about 12 square magnets. I might have to take her up on that.

Ideally I would like these cards going out to a high volume seller, somebody with regular sales as a way to reach new clients. While these cards are adorable and impressive I don't see what good they would do coming with an order of my work because they certainly won't impress somebody more than my actual work. I certainly hope not at least!

I think their big draw is the small format along with how each one can be different and special. In a stack of standard size business cards one of these would certainly stand out. Of course if more and more people started using them the less of an impact they would have.

I am thirty weeks along in my pregnancy today. It is not too much longer now. Everything is going to change big time.


stilettoheights said...

you know....I was thinking about my impending mirror dilemma too...,ine will arrive in a few days and I know I have to space out the listings but...eeek...I don;t have new work.


I am intrigued by your moo cards.

m.Lee said...

I hear you. I really don't feel well enough to print and I don't know when I will. So many people say this is normal for pregnancy, especially this late into the game but I am frustrated.

I did find a couple of art cards that I never listed for some odd reason and I do have a big piece that I have to scan in still along with a couple of small things.

There is no sun this morning so I can't photograph anything anyhow. poopie!