Monday, June 11, 2007

Morning Monday

Fire Goddess
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Monday morning is here and I feel ready for it.

Yesterday was rough for Jon and I after we were kept up and not allowed to get any quality sleep thanks to a neighbors loud papert. It was being held at least a block away but we could hear the music and screming very clearly up until 4am when we both eventually passed out. We tried calling the cops twice but they never sent anybody. We were both so tired and ready to sleep but the noise kept us from falling and staying asleep so for hours we drifted in and out of sleep. Falling alseep only to be woken up by somebody screaming or the music getting louder. We were both zombies yesterday.

But last night was a good night for sleeping and I have no complaints. I've got some work to do on my studio, some printing, a custom pendnat to make and a lot of pocket mirrors to photograph and list. While I have some great group shots I need to take some myself of each one by itself. Photographing objects does not come easily to me. With my wall hanging artwork I just scan it in and it looks perfect. The most I ever have to do is with the larger pieces when I need to scan them in parts and them piece them back together using photoshop. But that is a piece of cake compared to getting a good photograph. I don't know how Kate does it. For now I am going to experiment with different background and shooting the photos at different angles and see what I come up with. These mirrors are all one of a kind and special and deserve photographs that do them justice.

Obviously I did not go to NYC this past weekend. My doctor took one look at the bite and told me that it is indeed infected and that I should stick around town just in case it gets worse and I need to go to the ER for treatment. She put me on antibiotics twice a day and then drew pen marks around the wound. If the redness had moved past the pen marks I would have had to get antibiotics via IV at the ER. But thankfully that didn't happen and the wound is looking much better now.

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