Thursday, June 07, 2007

Square Magnets
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These are coming and so many more goodies made by Kate Black with her button machines of many sizes. All of them are made using real artwork that either didn't work out or work that I made especially for this purpose on scraps of paper that were too small for anything else. Go upcyling!I would have loved to make them myself but I trusted her artistic eye and she didn't let me down. Not only do they look great but she took great photographs of them as well! Expect all sorts of goodies to be coming into my Etsy shop starting next week. If only I had asked for more square magnets. I guess I will have to make some more oopsie prints so I can get more of them! I can't wait for these puppies to arrive! I may have to squeal when I open the box.

I feel a bit better after sleeping many hours last night. There was a jackhammer going outside the bedroom this morning but that didn't keep me from sleeping. It woke me up and annoyed me but I was able to tune it out and go back to sleep. Little blee woke up kicking and that didn't stop me from sleeping either. I'm going to eat something and then finish cleaning off my desk while I still have the energy to do so.

While I still don't know what is going to happen this weekend I haven't given up hope that I will be able to go to New York. I just have to see how I feel today and decide at the end of the day.


stilettoheights said...

oh the magnets are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

m.Lee said...

There is a small chance that they will come today. She mailed them on Wednesday and I have gotten things from Brooklyn that fast before. But it is more likely that they will arrive tomorrow or Monday.

Can you tell that I am excited about them? Damn I wish I had gotten more than two square magnets! But I didn't know how they would look.