Friday, June 08, 2007

Good morning! I hope everybody has a wonderful Friday to start off a great weekend with good weather.

Unfortunatly I have to go to the doctor in a couple of hours to have a cat bite looked at. It is really looking like it may be infected even though I cleaned it off right away with soap and water and then with peroxide later. Kitty has been following me around looking for love but honestly I am so ticked that I don't want anything to do with him for awhile. It really seriously hurt. I was crying so he bit my arm. I was supposed to be heading to NYC today but instead I will be at the doctors. I don't even think I will be able to go next weekend for the Etsy second annivsary party. If I can find a place to stay maybe but I just don't know how up for travel I am at this point in the pregnancy. Especially if I have to take the bus.

Back to what inspired this post. That would be this piece pictured above that I found while wandering around on Flickr last night makes me want to pick up my Gocco and give it a shot. While I see many wonderful Gocco images they have a certain designerly style that really doesn't mesh well with my own style. I'm intimidated by the Gocco to be quite honest. Silkscreening was the only print method in college that I didn't take to. But when I found a used Gocco for a ridiculously low price around my birthday I just couldn't resist.

After I get a few important things done if I have the energy I may just give Gocco another go. My stuff will never be this cute but I like this piece and am inspired by it. Funny how a piece that has so little in common with my work can find a way to inspire me to find my own way to make a certain technique work.

It isn't very likely but since she mailed them on Wednesday there is a possibility that I may get my goodies from Kate in the mail today. Sometimes things from NY come pretty fast. But it is more likely that I will get them tomorrow or Monday.

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