Thursday, May 31, 2007

Yellow Maple Leaves
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Yellow Maple Leaves

Whoops! I am behind on the Periodtic Elements Table project in typical Marissa fashion and am in the process of unburying my studio so I can print it up and send it to Jen. The stuff people are doing is so fantastic I am a bit nervous about my piece.

Anyhow, while cleaning I was putting away some half complete art and I found this piece. It certainly feels done to me so I took a break to scan it in and put it up on Flickr and Etsy. I love how the yellow maple leaves glow that warm yellow. Looking at this piece makes me happy. Thankfully even though it was lying around scattered on a desk for quite some time it is unharmed. Though I noticed the size was a little off and not square so I trimmed an edge off.

I'm still feeling quite blah and down in the dumps. I need to try and make plans to go to NYC next weekend since Stacey will be there from Arizona but I haven't even tried to find somewhere to stay yet. I feel pretty guilty about that. When else am I ever going to get to meet her?

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