Sunday, May 27, 2007

Magnets in use
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The UPS man came Friday and delivered my magnets so now I have a nice set up in my Etsy shop. I can turn any of my pinback buttons into magnets simply by removing the pin and replacing it with a magnet. But once it becomes a magnet there is no going back because the glue forms a very tight seal. The magnets themselves are nice and strong too. Just one magnet is holding up a reproduction print that I printed out on my printer the other day. I just wanted to test it out to see how it looked and I was so impressed with the results that I decided to list it. I made two of them, the other one is of bamboo. They really have nothing in common with the originals other than the image itself. They are about a third the size, the paper is totally different and there is a border. But they are nice in their own right. My plan with these is to never offer reproductions that are even close to the original size. They will always be smaller. The ink and paper were tested to resist fading for over 100 years and that is good enough for me!

Last night I made a big decision and signed up to have a booth at the JP Open Studios the last weekend of September. I did it last year and it went very well and while I totally wanted to do it this year I was a bit nervous about signing up with the baby due a just a month earlier. But I decided that it is important enough to me to be worth risking the $90 sign up fee. Even though I did well last year I learned a number of ways to improve my setup by watching other sellers. Instead of just having my art in my portfolio for people to thumb through and pick from I want to have a rack filled with pieces mounted on foam core and wrapped in plastic with prices on the back. That way people can pick stuff easily. I will also have my new buttons and magnets in little bowls and in packets of three for people. It should be fun. Jon will be there with me helping me manage my booth while tending to blee. She will be a bigger hit than my art!


Becca said...

Oh, mlee, I so want your magnets. They're so pretty. And of course blee will rock the show. :)

m.Lee said...

Thank you!