Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lithium Block Started

Lithium pills WIP block
Originally uploaded by m.Lee.
It certainly doesn't look like much at this point but at least my contribution to the Periodic Table Printmaking Project has been started. I'm hopeful that it will look good in the end but I am very concerned about getting it done in time. When I felt good and had energy I seemed to have so much time before it was due so I focused on other projects. Now that I am running out of time I feel awful and have very little energy. I only carved for about 15-20 minutes with the air conditioning blasting and I am already exhausted. Normally I carve standing up because I feel I get better control that way but I just can't do that now. I also can't carve for hours on end like I used to. I feel very lightheaded.

This block is the first out of two for the project. This one originally had more pill shapes but as I was carving them out I decided that so many would be too busy so I removed some of the smaller ones. This block will probably be printed twice from different directions to create layers followed by a final key block to finish it off. The key block has only been loosely designed in my head at this point.

I'm going to drink some water and try to carve some more. It would be so nice to finish this block today. Tomorrow is my big four hour for four bloodtest morning so I don't expect to feel all that well to work. I'm keeping my weekend pretty open.

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