Thursday, May 03, 2007


Bamboo at Night
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Bamboo at Night

I ordered what I thought would be a great set of tools for the EtsyLabs workshop I am teaching in a week and a half. While the tools are great, the set itself is a little weird. Every set I have ever purchased or seen has come with some sort of a blade, a couple of U gouges, a V gouge and a chisel. This one has six U gouges and one chisel! That is just a stupid amount of U gouges. While I don't really care about the lack of a blade since I don't find them all that useful and an exacto knife would get the job done if needed, V gouges are quite useful. So I ended up rushing and ordered 3 V gouges to make it an 8 piece set. I just home it ships to my house in time!

My baby shower is set for August 4th and even though the friend that is organizing it protested I am going to use my Gocco to make my own invites for people. She didn't feel right having me make my own but I explained to her that this was the perfect excuse for me to force myself to use the darn thing! She's coming over in a week to help me with printing. I just need to come up with a design.

I have a lot of things that I need to get done today and I have realized that getting them done during the day is very important because I tend to get too sore at night to do much physical stuff like carving or printing. I want to finish my maple leaves, start the lithium element and now I have a new design to work out. The lithium element is due the end of this month and I really need to stop slacking so badly on it. I always do this with things with duedates.

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