Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Difficult Printing

Maple Leaves
Originally uploaded by m.Lee.
Maple Leaves

This simple piece is one of the hardest pieces I have ever done. Just because I am so weak and tired that printing was so difficult and this is the only finished piece I have to show for it. That isn't totally true, I have a larger print that may or may not be complete I haven't decided yet. But this one is done, I knew it was complete the second I pulled it off the block. Sometimes I just have to stop at two, even one color. I just love how light and airy it is. The placement of the leaves couldn't be any better.

This pregnancy is really kicking my butt again. It seems like I got to have two weeks of feeling decent and now I am back to feeling crappy again. I'm not throwing up but during the day I have hot flashes where I feel weak, sweaty and faint. I suspect this will only get worse as summer comes. The air conditioners need to be installed right away. I didn't even think that I would be able to print but then I had a moment where I felt alright and I used it. But now one of my joints hurts and I should probably stop. Gone are the days where I print three colors in a day for hours on end. I don't know when I will be able to do that again! Maybe when blee is in school! Too bad we are seriously considering home schooling. The fainting feeling passes only to leave me feeling sore and bloated. My tummy gets to feeling so expanded and tender that it hurts to move. Sleep is difficult and filled with nightmares. Basically it is great fun to be me right now.

Despite how I feel I am still on to teach the Workshop in Brooklyn on Saturday. Jon and I are going down there on Friday and I will probably spend much of Saturday at Etsy. Might do some sort of meet and greet trunk show after the workshop is over. I'll have my portfolio with me.


ebbandflo said...

Hang in there mlee - it's so worth it eventually. You've reminded me of the vivid dreaming phase of my pregnancy - wow! When I would wake in the morning I was not sure who was the father of the baby as I had been convinced in my dreams that it was actually my very first boyfriend and not my husband, It was all so real and vivid and un-dreamlike! Later on in the pregnancy I would ream that I had left the baby somewhere, realise I didn't have it and forget where I had left it. Never had a feeling of panic but it just didn't quite feel right! Very odd!

Carol Lyons said...

Everythng you do is imaginative and a delight to see.
I wrote my comment on Barenforum.org
When are you coming to Brooklyn?

janey said...

Your workshop makes me want to live in NY again. And this is very pretty, I really like the colors.

m.Lee said...

Thanks! I was actually in Brooklyn before your comment carol. But there is a chance that I may be back next weekend. Traveling is getting to be more and more difficult.

Thank you ebb and janey.