Saturday, May 12, 2007

At Etsy!

Poppies (gift for Etsy)
Originally uploaded by m.Lee.
Well, almost. At the apartment down the street from Etsy that they put us up in. They hooked us up with it last minute and we were able to bring our dog as a result. Yay! I don't have much time to blog before my husband and I explore the area to find something to eat before I teach my workshop at noon. I want to arrive at the labs about an hour early to set up.

The print pictured is a piece that I framed and gave to the Labs as a gift when I arrived last night.


janey said...

I like this pattern. Looks like a forest silhouetted against a red sky.

And thanks for linking to me too :D

m.Lee said...

Sorry it took me so long. I was really slacking off.