Friday, April 27, 2007


Collage Pack Three
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Before I start gabbing about art stuff I want to get something important out of the way. I'm a bit too pregnant to participate in Boston's Walk for Hunger this year considering a 15 minute walk to the Post Box yesterday hurt my belly and back, but my husband is going to be part of it. If you would like to help out either by plending money to one of the walkers or walk yourself here is the website where you can join. Thank you.
Project Bread - Walk for Hunger

These collage packs that I have been making are hot that is, especially lately. Since I started offering them late last year I have sold sixteen of them, four of them in the past seven days. I whipped up this latest pack after my old supply ran out and these sold within an hour and now I am out yet again. That is not totally correct since I do have more scraps that I want to save for Kate to make into fun little trinkets. The scraps that I get back from her may be used for future collage packs. Making a failed piece or two isn't so bad since I have now found a great purpose that is so much better than the garbage for them. Here are just a couple of the things that fellow Etsy sellers have made using my packs. Megan's Cards and Renee's ACEO. Seeing what others do with them is very fun for me.

I feel like printing again very soon, but not until I finish carving the large maple leaf block that I started last November. If I work hard I should be able to get that done by tomorrow.

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