Friday, April 20, 2007

Back to Listing on Etsy!

Poppies on a Crisp Night
Originally uploaded by m.Lee.

Being back listing on Etsy regularly after such a long break is difficult to get back into. Right now I am listing at least twice a day. Sometimes I just want to skip it or renew and older piece instead, but that would be dumb since I have so many new pieces. Having these new pieces feels great! I'm especially proud of this poppies piece not just because it might be the best poppies I have done so far but because I managed to make some beautiful pieces from the blue ink that I was having so many troubles with. I still have a bunch of it mixed up that I should probably use.

I should tidy up my studio and get to working on my lithium blocks for the Periodic Table project. I don't know why I am dragging so badly on this. Deadlines are really hard for me, I don't respond well to the pressure. But it is a pretty neat idea and I want to take advantage of it. Plus I feel like carving anyhow! It is just that ever since my burst of energy early this week I have been really tired and detatched. I felt a rush for about 12 hours after printing and then I totally crashed. It is so hard for me to stay happy for long periods of time. I think I was at my happiest over the fall, but that seems so long ago now.

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