Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Only one layer, but so many of them!

43+ 1st layer prints - Coral
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Yesterday while I only got one layer done I did use up over half of my stock of 80+ pieces of paper! That means I printed over 40 sheets along with about 15 scrap pieces that I am going to have Kate Black make into one of a kind original buttons and mirrors. Overall I am pretty pleased with myself and back into the groove, there is something about the smell of the ink and cranking the press that just makes me so happy, but I really wish that I had something finished from it. Though I may have a finished piece after all because an Etsy seller on Flickr saw the top piece in this photo and is interested in buying it! It does have a simple elegance to it.

I'm kind of excited about having mirrors and buttons made from my art. Ones that aren't made from laser printouts but are actual artwork themselves. I think it is a great way to use my scraps and failures. Kate and I have been meaning to collaborate like this for awhile now but I never got around to sending her stuff. Well now I have a lot more to send her! Well I will once I finish printing. I really wanted to buy a button maker for myself but they are just too expensive and there is no way I could afford to get a 1" and a 2.5" machine for both buttons and mirrors. Plus they would just be another device taking up precious space in my studio. Jon was so against me getting a machine that he said I should do whatever it takes that will make me not get one! He has always thought it is a bad idea. I would like to use the machine at Etsy Labs when I am there next month! Or maybe even hang out with Kate and make buttons. I love well built machines and a Tecre brand button maker certainly qualifies as that. She has used the used machine she got on ebay to press over 250,000 buttons without any problems!

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