Tuesday, April 10, 2007

ready, set... go!

Eighty-four sheets of paper
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To print that is. Last night I finished tearing the eighty four sheets of mulberry paper seen here along with some scraps for chine colle. Now I am cleaning up my studio and unburying my press so I can print today. The thing is that right now I have no idea what colors I want to work with. Warm colors might be a good choice to energize me. And I have enough paper that I can always change colors if I want to! But I think before I get started I should pull out one sheet of mulberry and tear two more sheets in the 11"x15" size with it. Four just doesn't seem like enough to me. I'll probably get more 4"x4"s from the scraps.

Thanks for all the encouragment about selling reproduction prints. Funny thing is that even though everybody seems to be encouraging me to go for it, I just can't right now. I still hesitate. If I ever do decide to go that route I will take the advice I got and make sure the reproduction prints are very different from my originals.

I haven't been using my Gocco at all since I had the bad burn a couple of weeks ago. I was feeling pretty discouraged and put it aside. Well, yesterday I learned something that has me encouraged to try it again. That I can print out my drawings on my HP photosmart inkjet printer and use those to burn suscessful masters on the screens! That is what the girl I know that is big into Gocco uses for hers! And here I thought only laserjet printers worked with Gocco! As soon as I get the work I am currently working on finished then I will pull out my Gocco again.

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