Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Avoiding printing

Carborundum collagraph plates
Originally uploaded by m.Lee.
It seems that I have this aversion to tearing paper and finally printing. I think I am scared because I keep finding other things to do instead of getting to the actual printing. Am I afraid that after all these months I will fail? At this point I think I need to ban myself from doing anything other than cleaning my studio so I can tear paper and print this week. I have many new woodblocks to print and now I have these collagraph plates that will hopefully produce something interesting and different.

I feel this urge to try new things that aren't woodblock printing. Or at least new forms of woodblock printing. I really want to try viscostity printmaking but I don't have everything I need for that and am a bit nervous about trying something I know so little about. I should look in my "Complete Printmaker" book and see if there is anything about it in there, if there isn't then it isn't very complete is it? Viscosity printing involves using oil to change the consistancy of different inks so that they repel each other and one can print multiple colors on one block or plate at the same time. It sounds like fun and the results are really interesting.

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