Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Summer Workshops

Chine-colle paper
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Still carving that pattern block since getting in deeply to carve out negative spaces is taking longer than I planned. I already have an idea for doing something on the other side of the block that I may start right after I finish carving instead of tearing paper.

But this week I will tear paper and print! And I will have lots of new blocks to print with!

I'm looking at taking a class this summer before the baby comes. I know that once blee arrives taking a class won't be an option for awhile so I want to take one while I still can. Mass Art is sponsering week long workshops in Vermont and I would love to attend one of the printmaking ones, but it is just too expensive. Maybe someday! Here are my choices for workshops. Right now I am heavily leaning towards the second option.

Mixit Studios Monotype Workshop

I've taken a workshop at Mix-it before and loved it. I am also interested in trying akua-kolor inks for monotypes. I tried akua-kolor intaglio for woodblocks before and didn't like it at all. I found it to be more messy to work with than oil based inks. This class meets until mid August, that is a bit close to my duedate.

Class option two runs from June until mid-July, much better for my pregnancy. Seven classes for this one instead of 5 for the workshop. It is also located much closer to my house saving me quite a bit of travel time. The inks used for this class will probably be standard printmaking inks that I already have, no need to buy new inks if I get into it.

Here is the class synopsis: "A monoprint is an individual, one-of-a-kind print that can be made from a variety of traditional plates (matrixes) such as metal, wood, cardboard, plexiglass, or other non-traditional surfaces that are found or manipulated. The course is designed to teach you the basics in mixing inks, hand wiping and rolling techniques, and overprinting in multiple colors and plates. The making and printing of carborundum, plates, gum transfers, and chine collé also will be taught. This course provides an opportunity for students to develop an image through a related series of unique prints perhaps putting them into a portfolio or book. Open to all levels, from beginners as well as to those who wish to investigate new techniques."

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