Monday, March 26, 2007

Productive again!

Maple Leaf woodblock
Originally uploaded by m.Lee.
Yesterday was a good day for me. I finished carving one block and started and finished this block which I am quite happy with it. I think it will look nice printed both rightside up and upside down. I carved this block quite deeply because I want little or none of the negative space tone to print. Today I plan on making a smaller (larger than 6"x6" but still small for a pattern) block and once I finish that I will get to cleaning my studio, tearing paper and finally printing! The pattern is still forming in my head but I want it to be something very abstract and simple with a lot of texture. I'm about to do some sketching for it. I plan on tearing a bunch of paper for printing as well as some chine colle paper for glueing to some of the prints for added color and pattern.

With getting back into art again I am also getting back into life. Tonight I am going to try prenatal yoga for the first time. After my doctor's appointment on Friday I stopped by a yoga studio to get their fees and schedule and it looks great for me. I'm nervous but excited. Then on Wednesday morning I am meeting with a group for mothers near where Jon works then afterwards getting sushi (vegetable and cooked only due to the pregnancy) afterwards. Maybe stopping by TeaVana for some MateVana bubble tea. Yum! Thursday night is dinner with some good friends that I haven't spent time with at all this year. It seems as though things are looking up for me. I need to work hard to keep my energy and mood up, but I am fighting the lethargy and depression now that I am mostly well.

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