Thursday, March 22, 2007

This is actually an art post, I swear!

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At least for the most part. But for starters here is me in all my big belly glory, I've been wearing pregnancy clothes for about two weeks now and I have to say that I love them. The first pair of pregnancy jeans I got from Target were godawful and always felt like they were falling down. I heard from some friends with children that Old Navy is a good place for cheap, nice pregnancy clothes so I ended up getting some there. They are so nice and comfortable to wear and they don't look bad either. And buying them didn't break the bank.

Other than randomly starting to cough really bad last night and throwing up because of it I am doing a lot better and starting to work. Today I tried printing my first Gocco print and failed miserably. The screen failed to burn so I ended up wasting a screen, two bulbs and some ink. *sigh* I think I am going to put Gocco aside and focus on carving and printing new woodcuts until I can get together with Heather Jeany and she can help me out with this contraption. But at least I know it does work because the bulbs did in fact go off with a big flash!

Right now I have a pear to finish carving and then I will either start on my elements carving (I don't even have a sketch yet) or go straight to tearing paper and printing. I am down to only 110 items in my Etsy shop and haven't listed anything new in ages, so I think going ahead and printing ASAP is the smarter move. Plus, I have until the end of May to finish the elements project for Jenn.

I'm currently in talks with Etsy Labs about teaching a woodblock spoon printing workshop there in early May! I am excited and hope lots of people sign up and have a great time. They are going to buy some tools and ink for the labs so people can continue to make prints even when I am gone.

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