Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Psycho buyer!

I wish!
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Last night was pure insanity on Etsy. I came home around 8 from from the art store and as I was putting down the paper in my studio I heard the familiar "I got a sale" ding come from my computer's email program. Nice! So I pulled up the mail and check out the sale, hmmm 11 items totalling around $490, not bad I have had sales like that a few times before. But then I caught the address the items were to be shipped to and knew right away that this isn't right at all.

Ferris Beuhler!

I knew I needed to contact Etsy right away but I didn't know where so I started a forum post about it in order to get the help I needed. I got everything from forms to fill out to multiple phone numbers to call and I tried all of them. I also tried relisting some of the items this sock puppet bought only to have her rebuy them soon after. In the end she managed to snipe 103 of my items and did the same thing to other sellers as well. But Etsy worked hard to fix this and by morning my items were back in my shop and the transactions were cancelled along with their fees. Apparently after some detective work Etsy has figured out who did this and that I planning on prosecuting them to the fullest extent of the law. I have a theory on who it could be, but it is currently just a theory.

Jenn is coming over today and we are going to trade chine colle paper. I will also be getting the tools that I lent her back now that she has her own. I've been too sick to do anything with her up until now.

I think I will use the rest of my day to tear a ton of paper.

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